Saturday, September 27, 2014

How To Get Low Maintenance Hair

One of the biggest requests I get in the salon is making my clients hair low maintenance. Now that could mean a few different things: daily styling maintenance, color maintenance, and/or haircut maintenance. Maybe you are someone who wants all three, so here are some of my suggestions to achieving a great look without all of the time and effort.

Low Maintenance Styling
If you are a person (like myself) who needs to curl, straighten, or somehow alter their natural texture, then this section may not be for you. This is for people who want wash-and-wear hair. Something that will look like you spent 20 minutes slaving away under a hot blowdryer, when all you did was let it air dry. But how? Product, product, product! Invest in high quality products that are going to enhance what your momma gave you, starting with shampoo and conditioner. If one of the only things you will be doing to you hair is washing it, I suggest you make the most of it by using professional products.

Low Maintenance Color
Tired of touching up your roots every six weeks? Good thing there are a lot of great, trending options that look super natural and the upkeep is minimal. There is always the ombré. The ombré allows you to have your natural hair color with lighter ends and is virtually maintenance free. 
The ombré done with extensions.

My favorite option that I am absolutely LOVING right now is balayage! Balayage (Bah-lay-ahzge) is a method of highlighting hair without using foils, that with make your hair look gorgeous and naturally sun-kissed (and it's fun to say). This is how you get that Victoria's Secret Angel look.
A before and after picture of balayage with a little bit of a soft ombré at the ends.

Tip: When you are looking at pricing for ombrés and balayage, the cost might be a little higher. Stylists have to do this because they won't be seeing you as often. However, the price still usually works out in the clients favor.

Low Maintenance Haircuts
The only advice that I can give that will truly guarantee your haircut lasting longer is, get better quality haircuts. Going to a budget salon and paying $15 just won't cut it (forgive the pun.) Spend the extra money on an experienced stylist who will make your haircut last beyond 4 weeks.

Moral of the story, if you invest in your hair, you will be rewarded with luscious locks that every woman will envy and admire.

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