Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hair Extensions 101

Extensions, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Hair extensions were one of my first introductions to the hair industry, so I have been working with them even before my stylist career began. Over the years I have learned that there are so many uses for hair extensions: to add length, fullness, a splash of color or for people whose hair won't grow past a certain point, for those who just have super fine hair and need more bodyor sometimes we make a split decision to chop off all our hair and then decide we hate it! There are a thousand reasons to have extensions, but there are also many options on what type of extension to get. The possibilities are seemingly endless. Here is a guide I have created to help direct you to your perfect hair extension solution.

Clip-In Extensions
Clip-in’s are an awesome way to introduce yourself to the wonderful world of hair extensions because they simply clip in and out whenever you want them. Whether you wear them out for a special occasion or every day, clip-ins are a great, temporary option to try out extensions. They are the most inexpensive, with no commitment or damage to your hair.
Best For: Everyone, First-Timers, One Time Use, Special Occasions, Minimal Commitment

Use As Needed
Quick And Easy To Take In And Out 
Last For A Long Time


Install Yourself (this can also be a pro)
Not Permanent 

Micro-Links/ I-Tip/ Cold Fusion 
Micro-links are attached to a small amount of hair using compression with a small cylinder and extension. These are great because they are easy to move up when your extensions start growing out.
Best For: Everyone

Easy To Move Up
Reuse Hair


Long Installation

Moderate Damage

Keratin Bonds/ U-Tip/ Fusion
Keratin bonded extensions are very similar to Micro-Links except they are attached by a heated keratin bond. They are great for someone who doesn't want their hair redone often. The downside, they can cause quite a bit of damage to your natural hair.
Best For: Thick Hair, Coarse Hair


Long Wear

Reuse Hair


Maximum Damage

Long Install

Long Removal

Single Sided Tape-Ins
This newer method of extension is very simple and natural. The extension is attached using a 1"-1.5" wide weft with tape on one side.
Best For: Fine Hair


Reuse Hair

Quick Install

Quick Removal

Minimum Damage


Need To Be Redone Every 6-8 Weeks

Double Sided Tape-Ins
Double sided tape-ins are very similar to the single sided method. The wefts are wider coming in at 3". The biggest difference is that there is hair covering both sides of the tape making thevirtually undetectable. 
Best For: Fine Hair


Can't Feel Bonds

Can't See Bonds

Quick Install

Quick Removal

Minimum Damage


Only Stay In For 2-3 Months

Can't Reuse Hair

For all you visual people out there. Note: "Annual Cost" does not always directly correlate with what is most cost effective. Prices will also vary depending on your location and stylist.

Last, but not least, here are a few things to consider:

You need to buy high quality hair if you want your extensions to last a long time.

Never buy synthetic hair!

Buy 100% human hair.

Buy "Remy Hair" whenever possible.

Consider how much you are going to tip when looking at pricing.

Factor in that you are probably going to need to buy new products to take care and protect your hair extensions.


  1. Hair Extensions working like a magic change the look of this lady.

    1. It's one of my favorite things to do in the salon because it's such instant gratification!


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