Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Transformation Tuesday

What a week it has been! The craziness before Christmas is seriously insane! 

This lovely lady has been an icy platinum for some time now, and was ready for a change. She didn't want anything too drastic, just something closer to her natural so she won't have to touch-up her color as often.

I have been doing this mermaid's hair for a while now and that is exactly the goal! Mermaid Hair! We've been using Obsession Tape Extensions on her for a little over a year now and it has allowed her baby fine hair to grow while creating minimal damage to her natural hair. These are 22" extensions, they normally come in 18", but this mermaid likes her hair extra long!

I am so happy with the way this color turned out. We did a little balayage on her regrowth and toned down her existing highlights to a beautiful honey blonde. I wish the pictures did it justice!

We gave this beauty some more balayage highlights to give an overall lighter effect.

This lovely lady wanted to be a little lighter so we gave her some soft balayage highlights to brighten her up for the holiday season.
I was so excited about this transformation! I love a good chop (on someone who is ready for it)! Other than the obvious haircut, we also lightened her up a little bit. Her hair looks so much fuller on her baby fine hair and I love it! It is super flattering on her!

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